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Morishas country

Julian Kornhauzer TRAGARZE ZDAN antologia mlodej poezji serbskiej KrakowWroclaw . So Zack was the firs and only author artist who joined Serbian Yugoslav avantgarde movement Signalism. Spanish avantgarde artist Mata organised successfully presentation of mailart in Madrid and Segovia with the name Black White. On December I received another letter from Walter Zanini informing me about some details of this great performance. le Feedback t handler failed in [...]

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Jandl P rnier M nse . During the entire summer an almost unbelievable amount of avantgarde journals letters post cards original works variable forms and sizes photos artists books stamps similar material arrived. Groh published my second artists book bookwork within his well known edition Booklets [...]

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Kayyur samaram

E. In September this Belgian artist edited and published Commonpress No. cm in fact format paper folded eight times so that it has pages with the covers [...]


Dalli hadad

Pavlovic made more extensive reviews of the anthology in Oko July and Omladinske novine May respectively. . Various works concerning mailart concrete and visual poetry manifestos messages sentences information invitations participation exhibitions collections anthologies other projects of avantgarde artists from Brazil Japan Finland Australia were published Libellus issues which appeared October till [...]

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Tayvion power

The invitation letter titled Think about Mailart was published extenso one of summer volumes Canadian artistic journal Parallelograme column Classified Abroad. RAZMI LJAJTE O SIGNALIZMU Home Miroljub Todorovi Contact Virtual galery Links Bibliografija Poezija Proza Eseji polemike SIGNALISM ENGLISH Intervju delu ITANJE Stole signalizma Vidici Posebna biblioteka PB SignalizamKnji evnost Magija Uzajamni katalog Virtualna Srbije PLANETARY COMMUNICATION My mail art activities from [...]

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Wieldy dalziel and pascoe

Mail art named Letters to Kobe was well very successfully presented together with this grandiose exhibition. According to the attitudes expressed manifesto Communication is very basis of entity. Publishing of my new bookwork Signal Art was the next project which marked beginning continuous mailart activity [...]

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Platypnea definition

Janez Kocijancic poet from Novi Sad reacted by reproducing copy of FORTRAN . post cards the author of which is Miroljub Todorovic each with title work some stamps given by all addressed [...]

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The front page of my signalist book Fortran Belgrade one more from family was published in Metronom catalogue item. Terry Reid Gwen Stainton Geoff Tenant MASK PRODUCTION Mildura Australia. post cards the author of which is Miroljub Todorovic each with title work some stamps given by all addressed [...]

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Hayley progeria died

Metronom Espai del Centre Documentacio Art Actual from Barcelona organized great mailart exhibition October November with voluminous catalogue which one work of each participant was printed. On of them was WORLD ART ATLAS exhibition and catalogue. Towards the end of August Peter Jorg Splettstosser organized exhibition art stamps QUOTATION for Festival Culture in Bremen [...]

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Protais zigiranyirazo

When I was mostly engaged in poeticalvisual research and permanent contact with number of artists poets from all over the world. The same year I received catalogue TIMBRES ARTISTES from JeanMarc Rastorfer published after international exhibition of artistic stamps organized by Laussane back . May untitled Djuro javi se with reproductions of postcards mailed to Djura Jaksic and Vojislav Ilic one work from the series Think about MailArt. In autumn my oneman exhibition THINK ABOUT SIGNALISM was organised part of the XX October Meeting Writers. Interventions are identical [...]

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Warshak dc

Cm in fact format paper folded eight times so that it has pages with the covers. Cosmic Hieroglyphs were reproduced with the following project interventions card encircled words connected man hand by straight lines are given as photonegatives so that text coded letter drawing of woman shown black background which thus underlines character this informative communication operation. It was visited by million people [...]

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Instead of the official name street Kneza Milosa put Miloseva Velikog is everyday use as well possibly led by which got its for Karadjordje without stating his title Leader. Notes I think that the difference should be emphasised between Signalist manifestation understood here communication mailart sense and defined my actions frame of gestual poetry beginning [...]